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Together We Can Save Lives

Together We Can Save Lives

Calder Stands with Ukraine

Calder is as American as it is Ukrainian. We’ve been supporting our colleagues from the onset of the war. Globally, concerned citizens continue to pour assistance, resources & donations into Ukraine. This is happening in a variety of ways, including direct support facilitated by Calder Employees volunteering on the ground in Ukraine.

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The Volunteers we Support are Involved in two Key Areas:

Refugees Assistance

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Hygiene Products

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Military Assistance

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First Aid & Daily Medicines



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Military Soft Goods

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Conflict Map

The volunteers we support resided in Dnipro, Ukraine. This is a city uniquely positioned as a humanitarian, military and transport center. There, they provide two shelters in particular, housing both migrants and centralized military enlistments on an ongoing basis.

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More Help is Needed

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​What has been done is only the beginning. Ukraine (especially the volunteers) need our help now more than ever.

  • War is very expensive, as it consumes so many valuable resources. Current funding is forecasted to run out long before the war is projected to end. As a result, the Ukrainian economy has been undermined for many years to come. 

  • As world governments continue to contribute support, these efforts can take weeks and/or months for people there to see. The private sector is uniquely positioned to respond in a more timely manner, fulfilling critical gaps in Life Saving supplies, to those who need it most.

  • Unfortunately, these critical & lifesaving goods used by both volunteers and defenders are unavailable in the local Ukraine market.


Join us & support Ukraine

While there are many needs, our “Saving Lives” campaign is focused specifically on saving lives. Therefore we are targeting the following items. Our volunteer team communicates with army personnel & medics directly, to best understand the real-time needs of folks on the ground.

Please consider supporting Ukraine through Calder’s “Saving Lives” initiative and purchasing medical supplies for the Ukrainian Army. We have simplified this process for you.

Here is how it works:


Ship To:

Calder USA

6326 Fulton St E, Ada, MI 49301

Items To Purchase:

Quantity: As Many As Possible

Aid for Purchase
You can help!

Join us and make an impact 

We are taking donations for larger financial donations in partnership with TAPS, so that we can target aid in a bigger way to save more lives.

Robert Patrick 
Actor / TAPS Spokesperson
Bonnie Carroll
President and Founder, TAPS
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"Ukrainians working hard to resist the aggressor, but they need our support to finish the war faster!"


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