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Development of preschool communications & management platform for teacher and parents.



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Nurture is an all in one technical solution that provides early care facilities with convenient communication and coordination between teachers, parents and school administrators.

The overall goal of the product is to remove time and complexity for staff at the school, and return their focus back to the students, by making the technology seamless.

Nurture chose Calder to develop an end-to-end pre-school management
& communications platform for teachers and parents.

Delivery: Managed dedicated team

Domain: eLearning

Industry: Education, Healthcare, Social

Timing: 6 months for MVP

Team: 10 People

Calder developed Nurture applications for different groups of users:

  • Web application for school management. 

  • iOS application for teachers

  • iOS Application for parents

  • Android Application for parents.

  • Web payment portal

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Business Analysis

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Project Management

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Quality assurance

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UX/UI Design


Mobile Development


Web Development

Backend Development

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Technical support



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Ongoing Product Development

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Product Lifecycle Management

Case Highlights:

  • Parents can enroll children, create accounts and manage them

  • Parents can watch live video of their child 

  • Teachers take photos or videos, share with parents.

  • Teachers Child detail page: mood, behavior, etc

  • Naps

  • Meals

  • Curriculum

  • Infant rooms specific

  • Children's special needs (allergy, etc).

  • Push Notifications


  • Android Kotlin

  • iOS Swift

  • React.js/Redux

  • HTML

  • SaaS

  • PostgreSQL 

  • Cassandra


  • Node.js

  • Nest.js

  • AWS

  • Docker

  • Git

  • GoLang

  • Serverless

  • AWS

  • AWS Dynamodb

  • AWS Cognito

  • AWS Appsync

  • AWS API Gateway

  • AWS Cloudfront

  • AWS S3

  • AWS CloudFormation

  • Multi-Bitrate HLS Transcoded Live Video Streams

  • Axis Cameras

  • Google Material

  • Sketch

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About Client

Our client is an Early Care and Preschool service business. The focus of the company has always been on children, their families and childhood development. The client had a vision of a child care solution that will help parents stay close to their children while separated at work and busy all the day.  The vision included improving the teacher experience as well as the optimization of internal processes and administration within the facilities. 


The goal of the solution was to digitize and unify the internal tools, speed up and make processes transparent and implement a next-generation early care platform.


The client decided to look for a seasoned technology partner equipped with strong engineering expertise, competencies with the latest technologies, flexibility, deep expertise in AWS and other cutting-edge technologies necessary for the project. They chose Calder as their partner to develop preschool child care and communication software.



Problems Client Had:

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  • Parents expect and appreciate comprehensive solutions that provide information when and where they want it. Failing to meet expectations reduces their willingness to pay for early care services or products.

  • Teachers desire to invest more time and attention with the children in their care and less time on data entry and repetitive administrative tasks.

  • School administrators need software driven automation of manual tasks allowing for increased engagement with parents, teachers and children. i.e. payroll management, regulatory agencies, more time to improve professional aspects team of caregivers and teachers.

  • Business need software that removes the human error of managing daily tasks.

Challenges We Solve:

  • Design a comprehensive solution for running and managing an early-child-care/preschool business. Including:​​

    • In classroom management of students and teachers

    • Tuition management and automatic digital collection form parents

    • Automatic tracking and real-time reporting of regulatory requirements

    • Physical security of entry/exit points within the school for staff, students, and parents. Including tracking the location of students within the building.

    • Emergency communication on premise and off premise between the school and parents

  • The technology needed to run across multiple form factors included, Mobile Phones, Tablets, and computers, while being accessible 24/7

  • Cloud-based hosting solution with secure data storage, and massive scalability to support the demand customer. A single customer on average has:

    • 30+ Locations 

    • 20 live cameras in each location

    • 100 concurrent parents viewing any number of cameras within the school

  • 5,000 students (active daily)

  • 10,000 parents (active daily)

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Calder was instrumental in the entire endeavor from start to finish. We engaged at the very beginning with assisting in defining the business model.


After which we designed and built the first MVP prototype and continue to support the build out of the project.Provided support during launch, and continue to provide tier 3 technical support day in and day out.


We are constantly working to expand the business model with the assistance of feedback from our customers, their customers. Including identifying and building out new revenue channels, optimizations of existing business processes through new development, optimizations of the current product, and providing a vision for the next stages of product development.

Calder’s Process:

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nurture desktop.png

Key business metrics and business achievements:

  • June 2019 first school launched. 

  • First school was set up in 6 month from the beginning of development. 

  • August 2019 20 schools work with the system.

  • February 2020 first franchise launched.

  • Jan 01, 2021 - Parents have used the app in over 30 countries

The Result Client Produced:

  • Able to open 2 additional schools each year, over and above their original trajectory.

  • Saving 1.5% of topline revenue through tuition processing

  • Estimated additional savings: 5% of topline revenue due to:

    • Increased efficiency within the classroom

    • Increased efficiency of management of school operations

    • Increased positive interactions between teachers/parents, creating significantly higher rates of retention

    • Increased the value proposition to potential customers, and increased acquisition of new customers.

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