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AI/ML Software Development & Consulting

In modern world data is the new business blood. 


Work smart and ramp up on efficiency with AI/ML approaches. Achieve the best by integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize processes, make operations cost-efficient, improve customer experiences, open new areas of business and create new products and services.

Calder builds innovative technologies creating insights from data that you have and generate a constant stream of opportunities as well as drives business transformation.

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Clients who use 

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Startups are about speed of delivery and require help to  realize their goals, from proof-of-concepts to production development. The approach we propose includes analysis of your idea and business, recommendations of Machine Learning solutions and Artificial Intelligence software, and actual AI/ML software development.



Rapidly growing startups  and scale ups will be provided with Machine Learning consulting, existing approach and algorithms analysis, improvement recommendations, and implementation of your tailored Artificial Intelligence solution.

Rising stars

Enterprise companies

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Enterprise companies find out IA/ML services and experience to fortify cash flow, cutting expenses, optimizing costs and keeping up-to-date by using different kinds of approaches like anomaly detection, structured prediction, supervised learning, clustering and reinforcement learning, etc.

The solutions we recommend

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System Architecture

System Integrations

Constant conversations with Calder Solution Architects helps businesses to adjust software for its needs and make changes more smooth and predictable from an idea through design, implementation and support.

We provide any complexity system integrations and can help sync your ecosystem with your ecommerce portal, CRM, accounting systems, inventory or other business critical systems.

Using our experience in B2B and B2C sectors along with our technological approach you will be prepared apart to today`s market dynamic and enable optimal work that can help you to minimize or prevent disruption in your business.

Business & Strategy

We implement development best practices along with rigorous testing. We know how important functionality and usability, and our teams work to ensure good quality products that help you to outdo your competition.


Software testing and quality assurance approach based on final product functions and best testing practices. Our engineers define, set up, optimize testing processes for a project, looking for predictable and stable quality of products.

Quality assurance


While modern applications can be simple to use, behind the scenes there are many processes and services that may go wrong. Calder team helps you find and fix problems fast, so you can deliver exceptional user experiences for your customers.

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Our approach for successful software development


Analyze business objectives & needs 

The analysis is performed to define issues that a client would like to solve within an IT solution.

Data analysis and review

Data ready and review for analysis, make recommendations and conclusion are there enough data to meet project goals. Process data for any correlation and patterns.


Data Preparation 

Data wrangling and preparation by cleansing and transforming to needed format.

Evaluation and data modeling
Modeling techniques selection, the models effectiveness evaluation and review the result from simplicity, performance and result accuracy points of view.


Deploying solution and maintenance

The model integration with your applications,  services support to make sure it works on a wide or different data set.

Technologies & frameworks we use

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Industries we Serve

We build our team around the technologies perfect for you

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Marketing &


Predict clients behavior, target your product and services better, keep your advertising campaigns manageable.

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Forecast and plan sales better, automatize your salespeople's routine activities. Create hyper-personalization and understand your customers behavior better.

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Optimise teachers' work. Tailor students` studies according to their specific needs, increasing their efficiency.

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Improving care delivery, patient intake and engagement. Automate care navigation and survey recognition.

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  • What are the benefits of custom eCommerce development services?
    Compared to platform solutions, custom eCommerce applications and websites come with six key benefits: Lower total cost of ownership Greater control over the feature set Better performance without the bloat Better scalability Full ownership of the codebase Seamless integration with other software
  • How long does custom eCommerce software development take?
    The project duration depends on its complexity – which, in turn, is determined by your business needs and goals. If you would like to know how long your particular eCommerce project will take, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll help you estimate its timeline and budget.
  • Can I use an eCommerce website for any type of business?
    Yes. As long as your business sells goods or services, you can (and should) use an eCommerce website to drive more customers. However, its functionality will differ based on the products you offer.
  • How can a web development company help you with eCommerce?
    If you plan to open an online shop, an eCommerce development company can help you create a one-of-a-kind store with outstanding user experience and design. If you already have an online shop, a development company can help you improve, migrate it to a different platform, redesign it, or debug it.
  • What are the stages of eCommerce software development?
    Like any custom development project, creating an eCommerce product from scratch involves seven stages: Gathering background information about the business, market, and customers Determining the scope of the project Pinpointing the project’s budget and timeline Engineering requirements, pinpointing the technology stack, and planning the architecture Designing wireframes and prototypes Transforming the design and functionality requirements into code, with continuous testing Deployment, support, and maintenance
  • Which CMS is the best choice for e-commerce website solutions?
    Every content management system, from Shopify to Salesforce Commerce Cloud comes with its pros and cons. In general, small businesses find Shopify to be the best choice, while custom solutions suit both large enterprises and SMEs.
  • How do I choose the right custom eCommerce development company?
    First, compare your candidates’ portfolios. An ideal development partner should have cases similar to yours in their portfolio. Also, check the company’s reviews and ratings on platforms like Clutch and GoodFirms. Finally, contact the company and see how it approaches your project.
  • Why outsource eCommerce development services?
    Outsourcing development allows you to take advantage of advanced skills and engineering trends at a lower overall cost than maintaining an in-house team. At the same time, you can focus your resources on core business operations (sales, marketing, product development).
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