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Development of web site for elections result publication.


Election Source

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Election Reporting Website was developed as a technical solution to give the public real-time access to election results. 


The Election results website allows to show results of elections within jurisdictions and counties. So users can see the result of the entire country and specifically each state, county and jurisdiction.

Solution includes a set of applications that handle pre- and post-voting activities, including ballot layout, importing results data, and accumulating, reporting and publishing results on website allowing voters, candidates and the media to get fast, accurate results of elections.


Delivery: Project Base

Domain: Government, Election

Industry: Government


  • 6 month for base development

  • 6 months for additional features and upgrades

  • Ongoing support for elections since 2018.

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Business Analysis

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Project Management

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Quality assurance

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UX/UI Design


Web Development

Backend Development

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Technical support



Team: 6 people

Case Highlights:

  • The scalability requirements for elections is very unique:

    • 1% of the time there are massive instantaneous scalability demands.

    • 99% of the time there is 0 load and cost needs to be minimized. 

  • Decoupled Architecture for added layers of security.

    • Public read-only infrastructure

    • Secured Election Official’s portal for uploading results and managing public’s view of the data

  • Election Reporting Website development includes:

    • Intuitive graphical map that allows data to be viewed visually from the State, County, Precinct levels.

    • Status bars showing progress of all expected voters, and turnout ratios.

    • PDF reports that can be downloaded and approved by a board of canvassers for official usage.


  • AWS AppSync

  • AWS Cognito


  • AWS Lambda

  • AWS Cloudfront

  • AWS S3

  • Apollo Client & GraphQL

  • NodeJS

  • ReactJS

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About Client

Our client is an expert in elections administration.

ElectionSource has been a leading supplier of election related hardware, software and equipment throughout North America for over 15 years. In recent years ElectionSource has expanded its capabilities to include various web based tools that address the needs of elections administrators to communicate to their stakeholders and comply with State and Federal election laws.

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Problems Client Had:

  • Performance issues, due to the size and short time frame of the scalability requirements. “Requirement to go from 0 - 60 in a matter of seconds.”

    • Processes 100 of Millions of lines of data constantly in real time

    • Organize and format data into a visually pleasing format for the public

    • Serve Millions of concurrent requests with ever changing data.

  • Affordability issues, during the “off season” which is 99% of the time, the architecture needs to run at a near $0 cost while still displaying all data in a performant way.

  • Usability issue, the public needed a more intuitive way to find the data they were interested in. Usage of a visual map was desired.

Challenges We Solve:

  • Created scalable election website architecture to solve unique performance requirements during peak usage the night of the election.

  • 0% downtime reliability during election night through redundancy and caching mechanisms

  • Manage affordable wind downs during “off-hours”.

  • Provide ongoing monitoring and security enhancements to meet ever-changing digital requirements around data integrity.

  • Mobile friendly design including an interactive map, to service the growing majority of the public using mobile devices

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Election Source was looking for a new vendor to improve current functionality and capacity of existing services and Calder becam e a partner to help the client and build a new election results website. 


Every point for election website improvement was:

  • analyzed within client needs and requirements, 

  • planned and developed regarding the strict deadline of every election (there is no chance to postpone a deadline). 

  • tested with different testing scenarios.

The developed election reporting platform is attentively tested by the engineering team before elections providing different kinds of testing, including performance testing and user acceptance testing (UAT).

Calder’s Process:

Key business metrics and business achievements:

  • Client achieved a reliable system that could be sold into each county and state within the US. 

  • Currently Election Reporting and nearly doubled their Michigan customer base since 2018. 

  • Election Reporting is onboarding additional States in 2021, again doubling their customer base.

The Result Client Produced:

  • Over 1 Billion requests processed as of 2021.

  • New and upcoming elections are managed solely by Election Reporting admins and require no assistance from the development team. 

  • A sandbox environment allows for testing to be accomplished early in the election lifecycle across counties.

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