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Custom eLearning Software Development

Success of eLearning businesses depends on ideas, content, marketing, and reliable delivery platforms that we are ready to develop for you. Calder and its team of edtech software experts know what kind of issues educators and their customers experience.  Contact us and we can help design and build your solution.

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What Can We Do?

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A growing business requires constant adjustment; at Calder, we are passionate about solving your developmental needs.

Custom eLearning Solutions

If you are looking for guidance with modernizing enterprise edtech solutions, we can help you.

Legacy Modernization

Customization and Maintenance of Existing Solutions


With our skilled designers and developers, we have the ability to implement unique designs and technical/functional adaptations to your existing application.

What Solutions we Propose

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Quizzes, Tests & Questionnaires

To make gamification and provide more interactive learning experiences.

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Custom Developed Platform

For pre-schools/schools including business process management and optimization.

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Mobile Learning Solutions

This may include web and mobile applications for schools, universities, teachers, students, parents, etc.

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LMS Development

That is tailored with existing educational processes and allows student progress tracking activities, provide learning processes documentation, manage courses and comprehensive reporting.

Custom eLearning Features We Have Developed 

Video Integration: parents can track their children in live video using face recognition and teacher updates

Daily Updates: creates live reports for parents that can include images, videos, documents, etc with details on meal times, lessons covered, etc for their child. 

Data Analysis: Tracks student allergies, special accommodations, educational stage, etc. 

Content Creation: Gamification of learning processes, teacher or student based optimisation through smart scheduling over historical and real time data (using elements of artificial intelligence and machine learning)

Our Approach for Successful Software Development


1. Analyze business objectives & needs 

Our business analysts already have experience in edtech solutions. An analysis performed by them will help to design a platform around your ideas and using the best, proven approaches.


2. Create and engaging design

Our professional UI/UX designers will provide the best studying and learning experiences possible.  Using comprehensive UX Design, your users will have fewer questions. UI Design will be clear and engaging for users.


3. Development 

When designs are ready, custom e-learning development starts: a crucial, time-consuming part of the project. Development teams create code delivering feature after feature that were designed in previous stages for review and refinement.

4. E-learning software maintenance and support
When an application is launched into the market, it's very important to listen to users and provide necessary support. Being in the loop with you and your users, we provide technical and user support for your platform.


Technologies & Frameworks we Use

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Clients Who use our Services


Edtech startups which have ideas to improve digital learning processes, make platforms more interesting, effective and interactive.


Pre-schools to Universities

Institutions that would like to automate regular administrative processes like classroom management, administration, curriculum planning, control and visualization of educational processes.


Enterprise Companies 

Enterprise companies that would like to level up the effectiveness of their corporate education processes, save costs on classrooms, business trips for offline education and use opportunities to provide courses for distributed teams.

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