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Online Payment Portal Development



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MenkPay is an online payment solution designed to help businesses and their customers reduce the complexity and cost of managing payments.

Nowadays, many companies sell their products and services online, so they need custom software to accept and manage payments. Menkpay serves as an intermediary between businesses, their customers, and payment processing companies. It streamlines the process of capturing payments, managing account balances and ledgers, and provides robust financial reporting to both the customer and the merchant.

There are two main reasons for businesses to use Menkpay. Firstly, it is much less expensive and time-consuming than building a payment portal from scratch. We have all the necessary software components and experience to quickly build a solution customized for your needs.

Secondly, we can offer below market-rate payment processing, returning money to your bottom line. We partner with multiple ISOs so that we can choose the best option on a case by case basis. The large cumulative volume of transactions we process gives us an advantage in negotiating these favorable conditions. Thus, we have more leverage than any of our clients do on their own.

As a result, by using Menkpay, businesses save money both on the payment software implementation and on the ongoing expenditure of accepting payments.

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Business Analysis

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Project Management

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Quality assurance

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UX/UI Design


Web Development

Backend Development

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Technical support

Delivery: Managed dedicated team

Domain: Education, healthcare, e-commerce, insurance, financial services

Industry: finance

Timing: 3 months for MVP v.1 + up to 5 months for MVP v.2


  • Material Design

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • React.js

  • Golang

  • Node.js

  • AWS

  • PostgreSQL

Team: 6 People

The solution includes:

  • Integration with the client’s software that is currently under development

  • Flexibility in choosing the ISO (Independent Sales Organization) to process payments

  • Processing both credit/debit card and ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments

Case Highlights:

  • Custom design of the payment portal to fit the needs of a particular client

  • Custom pricing tailored to the client’s business model

  • Sophisticated real-time financial reporting

  • Automated billing on custom schedules

  • Self-service portal allowing client’s customers to manage their account and payment methods

  • Flexible ACH payments schedules (same day, 2-3 days, 4-5 days) 

  • Option for a client’s customer to pay a bill in full or specify the amount to be paid

  • Account ledger and text document exports for a client’s customer

  • Notifications for payers and recipients of successful, failed, and refunded transactions



About Client

Menkpay is used by various businesses. One of our largest clients is Nurture, a preschool management and communications platform for parents, teachers, and school administrators. It is used by thousands of parents across dozens of locations.

For Nurture, allowing parents to deal with payments easily and quickly was essential to improve customer experience. Moreover, school administrators required a way to deal with multiple payments efficiently, aggregating information about them in custom reports.

We also have a number of smaller customers, including a hair salon and an e-commerce shop. The main goal of the solution for smaller clients is to allow accepting payments without spending a great deal of time and money to implement a fully custom system.


The number of businesses using Menkpay is getting bigger. The total amount of transactions has already exceeded $150M and continues to grow at an increasing rate.



Problems clients have before choosing to use Menkpay:

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  • High cost of collecting payments

  • Labor-intensive tasks associated with managing payments from thousands of customers, such as dealing with late payments

  • Time-consuming preparation of custom payment reports, prone to human errors

Challenges We Solve:

  • Reduce the payment processing costs

  • Speed up payments by facilitating the process of making them

  • Simplify the process of collecting payments by using automation and self-service portals for customers

  • Convert complex payments’ data into insightful custom reports on transactions

  • Reduce late payments by allowing customers to set automatic payments

  • Reduce staff load by allowing customers to manage payment methods, view account balances and past payments idependently

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Calder’s Process:

In this project, we’ve leveraged both our software development experience in general and online payments expertise in particular. 

We’ve built the first MVP in three months. The second version took another five months to develop. Since then, we’ve done a lot to improve our product. This process is still going on as we carefully study the feedback from our clients and their customers. The accumulated experience and software components allow us to integrate Menkpay into new solutions much faster.

From a technical standpoint, the most challenging part of the project was handling information about transactions from a payment processing company. We wanted to manage not only credit card payments but also ACH payments. The latter task is much more complex on all stages, from initiating the payment to processing the reports on accounts’ statuses. Still, we accomplished it successfully, providing our clients with a broad scope of options.

Another challenge we faced was onboarding 5,000 new users at the same time. MenkPay payment portal was intended not only for merchants and service providers but also for their customers. Nurture preschool platform alone is used by thousands of parents. They needed guidance on how to deal with their payments with the help of a new portal. To fulfill that task, we had to offer a whole new level of user support.

Key business metrics and business achievements:

  • Over $150M transacted

  • The average amount of transactions – more than $100K per day

  • One solution to manage both ACH and credit card payments

  • Automated reporting process for payment reconciliation

  • Accept payments 24/7

The results of implementation:

  • An average client saves around 1% over the existing payment processor

  • Time and expenses for financial system administrators decreased by 25%

  • Customers are able to manage their payments as they wish from anywhere in the world

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