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Bajio- Development of eCommerce business to consumer solution for Premium Sunglasses Brand. 

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Bajio Sunglasses


Bajio is a business to consumer solution that delivers a platform based, rich brand experience and friction free shopping experience.

The overall goal of the project is to provide the consumers the mobile-centric branded, ecommerce experience that they expect today and make literally real-time communications. Consumers understand why Bajio is more than just simply another brand of sunglasses, what it actually stands for, what's important about it and what its point of differentiation is in the marketplace.

Delivery: Managed dedicated team

Domain: eCommerce

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Business Analysis

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Project management

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UX/UI Design


Web development

Backend development

Industry: Consumer products

Timing:  3 months for MVP

Team: 6 people

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Technical support

Quality Assurance

The solution includes:

  • online Shopify platform store

  • integration with the Bajio ERP system 

  • Integration with Google Analytics GA3 + GA4

  • Integration with email services Constant Contact and MailChimp

  • Elevar and analytics supplement application


  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Java Script

  • Shoplify Liquid

Case highlights:

  • Online store represents sunglasses from the brand.

  • Consumers can easily find a pair of sunglasses to buy and place an order.

  • Consumers get emails about the order.

  • Consumers can easily find Bajio dealers with store locations nearby. 

  • Back office picks up an order from  ERP and prepares to send it to clients.

  • Back office understands the behavior of consumers on websites, and can make business decisions based on analytics data. 

  • Design is aligned with the target consumers, Generation Z.



About Client

Our client is a new startup brand located in Florida. People with a lot of experience in the optical industry recognize an opportunity in the marketplace for a new sunglasses premium brand with exceptional lenses. Brand is very focused on serving the fishing community.  A mission of the brand to bring attention to environmental Issues around fishing, grows awareness of issues so that can be addressed, drive money, also align the interests of the owners with the interests of the consumer and do good things for the planet.


The Bajio brand manufactures their products at a very high level of quality. Many people have never experienced the world through these types and quality of lenses. The lenses really do perform and it absolutely makes a difference in what people see. Bajio really does want to help people see better, and fish better, as well as help improve the planet. 


The goal of the solution is to make a minimum valuable product, do the minimum work possible in order to present the brand, allow the brand to start selling without having to spend a great deal of time and money

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Problems Client Had:

Since the client is a newborn startup, there is no history, no baggage, no issues before:

  • Go to market with e-commerce solution quickly. 

  • Create attractive design that will show brand identity.

  • Provide great user experience for mobile users.

  • Set up profit generating processes between the platform and the ERP system.

  • Provide within platforms a full cycle of customer services like exchanges, repairs, warranty of sunglasses.  Make sure  that customers have the best experience. 

  • Make business decisions based on Google analytics to improve the platform.

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Challenges we Solve

  • Create and  implement simple UI/UX design that should be aligned with the customer target group 

  • Create integration between multiple systems to set up understandable processes in newborn startup. 

  • Create integration between Shopify solution and GA3 and get useful data for analytics.

Calder’s process

Calder  has been providing design and development services at the very beginning of the startup. We engaged at the first steps and assisted with business consulting, defining tools, platforms and instruments that may be used in the startup. The nature of a start-up is there are no normal operations, regular flows, people who had been doing this work before with defined processes. We designed and built the first MVP prototype and continue to support the build out of the project with this constantly growing start up, getting feedback from the client team and consumers.

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Key business metrics and business achievements:

  • E-commerce platform is launched in the middle of april 2021. 

  • 5,000 visitors per week In 2 months after launch.

  • Conversion rates on the website are absolutely in line with premium branded products.

  • The platform is primarily serving the United States, the split in genders, it's roughly 65%. Male 35% female, which is very typical for fishing, water, sports focused website

The Result Client Produced

  • Revenue to plan within 3 months after launch.

  • More than 70% of the site, traffic is on mobile

  • The biggest states for business today are:  Florida - number one, and Texas is number two.  There is an immediate concentration of sales in the southeast of the United States.

  • There is penetration in the West Coast which is really important for the brand and provides more opportunity for distribution. 

  • Bajio supports the wholesale side of the business and has added more than 350 wholesale accounts since it started.

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